Ministers Association

Churches of Christ Ministers’ Association exists to provide encouragement and support for Ministers

Ministers Association ultimately exists to provide a means of collegiality and support for ministers, including the coordination of the annual Magarey Lectures and other professional development activities.  If you are in ministry, you will find this website a very helpful reference.


Ministers’ Association Fees

Did you know that Ministers’ Association Fees help to invest directly back into the care and development of ministers?

Part of the ministry offered by the State Ministry Team is a 0.5 FTE position for ministry care and development currently shared by David Althorpe and Graham Rogerson. Between them they help pastorally care for and support Churches of Christ ministers around South Australia.

Every year the Ministers’ Association invoices ministers (scaled according to employment status) an annual association fee which helps to pay for this 0.5 FTE position. This is a vitally important ministry offered to all ministers, form a general catch up to people requiring more intensive support.

Please see the link below for a direct and easy way to pay your affiliation fee. This invoice cycle is related to the previous billing year, August 2015 – August 2016. Please attend to this as soon as you are able so we can continue to offer this valuable ministry. If you need to pay any invoices from a previous year please get in touch with Gillian at the State Office.

Thank you for your support.

Pay fees here


Ministers’ Association Celebration Dinner

An annual dinner is held near the commencement of each new year to welcome new colleagues among us and to recognize and celebrate the ministry service of retiring ministers