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30 June, 2017

We are pleased to be part of Churches of Christ Insurance. For more information, go to the CCI webpage. Should you have any queries with respect to your coverage, or alternatively require a certificate of currency, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Church Incorporation - What Does it Mean?

We have developed a helpful position paper to guide churches in the important area of church incorporation. This paper can be found under 'resources' in our site menu.

Template Constitution

We have completed a template constitution which churches are able to utilise. Contact us on (08) 8443 7572 or email for further advice in this important area.

Accounting and Payroll Services
We provide accounting and payroll services for a number of churches and ministry groups, and are excited to offer a new level of services to our churches. Contact us for more information as to how you can very cost-effectively manage these critical functions in your church. We utilise the latest accounting software Xero, which easily and effectively provides important reports for your church online.

Ministers' and Employees Benefits Scheme
Churches of Christ Ministers’ & Employees’ Benefits Scheme delivers the wonderful service of facilitating a portable long service leave fund for ministers and staff of Churches of Christ organisations throughout Australia. As a national service the Ministers’ and Employees’ Benefits Scheme is operated by the Churches of Christ in Australia national body for use by any church or agency.

Ministers Salaries
Each year, the State Board appoints The Ministers’ Salary Advisory Committee to consider Ministers’ Salaries and make recommendations. Please email us if you would like access to the latest recommendations.

Ministers' Appointment & Employment Handbook
This handbook underwent a further revisions in 2016, and is an essential guide to understanding ministerial employment terms, exempt benefits, and compliance aspects relating to the employment of a minister. This handbook can be found under 'resources' in our site menu.

Conference Financial Statements
Audited financial statements are prepared each year for Churches of Christ in SA and NT Incorporated, as well as the Building Extension Mutual Fund Incorporated. A copy of the audited financial statements can be obtained by contacting us on (08) 8443 7572 or email us

Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission
The ACNC is the independent regulator of charities in Australia. The ACNC has been set up to achieve the following objects:

  • maintain, protect and enhance public trust and confidence in the sector through increased accountability and transparency,
  • support and sustain a robust, vibrant, independent and innovative not-for-profit sector, and
  • promote the reduction of unnecessary regulatory obligations on the sector.

Charities, including churches, must register with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) before they can receive charity tax concessions from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

It is important that the church maintain its status with the ACNC. Ongoing reporting requirements are minimal, and can be found here. In short, you must:

  • notify any key changes to the ACNC (eg. legal name, address for service, responsible persons and governing documents),
  • maintain appropriate financial and operating records, and
  • report annually.

Note that these requirements apply independently of incorporation status of the church.