Ministers Association

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30 June, 2017

Churches of Christ Ministers' Association exists to provide encouragement and support for ministers.

The Association ultimately exists to provide a means of collegiality and support for ministers. An Executive is appointed by the ministers annually to coordinate events such as the annual Magarey Lectures and other professional development activities. Ministers pay annual Association fees which in part assist with the development of these events but the the fees also contribute to the salary for a 'Minister to Ministers' for pastoral care and development of ministers.

The Association Executive organize and host an annual dinner near the commencement of each new year to welcome new colleagues among us and to recognize and celebrate the ministry service of retiring ministers.

If you are employed in ministry with Churches of Christ in SA & NT you will benefit from our 'Church leaders' menu in our site. You can create a user account and access information for ministers only. There are specific events, news items and resources available for ministers. Ministers will be added to the ministers user group where specific information facilitated by the Executive will be available and a chat function can be activated to discuss topics posted by the Executive.

Ministers pay an annual fee to supplement the the salary for a ministry care and development position. You can pay your fees at the link below.