Dealing with conflict constructively with Tim Dyer

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17 May, 2016

On Friday night and Saturday leaders from Churches of Christ around the state engaged in a very constructive and insightful workshop offered by Tim Dyer from John Mark Ministries on dealing with conflict constructively in churches.

For the benefit of those who couldn't make it we have recorded each session and have uploaded audio along with photos of whiteboard brainstorming sessions and powerpoint presentations converted to PDF.

Go to our 'Sermon & Seminars' tab in the app menu and select the recording you wish to listen to. We have attempted to match the notes and powerpoint slides with the audio where possible.

This is a great resource to share with your leadership teams. Just download our app to any IOS or Android smart phone or tablet and listen together or individually. Tim has shared valuable insights on how to promote healthy and constructive conversations in times of tension or brokenness.

Please find available part 1 & 2 of the Friday night session and Saturday morning in 5 parts. We will share Saturday afternoon in a final 3 part recording shortly.

If you would like access to the resources Tim has provided, visit the link below for a brief story of his visit to us in Adelaide with downloadable and printable versions of everything he shared with us.

Attached below is a PDF of the booklet Tim worked through with us over the 2 days