Vetamorphus update

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5 August, 2016

Kat Shanahan from the Blackwood Church of Christ joined our State Ministry Team one day per week from January 2016, as the Peer Group Supervisor for Vetamorphus, a Certificate 3 course for high school students in Christian Leadership and Theology. I graduate of Vetamorphus in 2013, Kat is working under the supervision of her former Peer Group Supervisor, Mark Riessen. She facilitates a group of 7 students from 4 different churches who meet every week at the Marion Church of Christ youth centre.

Keep praying for Kat as she leads the group through their final workbook for the year. In Semester 1 they completed 2 Workbooks working through bible studies, seminar presentations on cultural and biblical topics, reflecting on ministry practice, journaling and learning a lot about Christian discipleship.

Vetamorphus has provided a fantastic collaborative Christian leadership development platform shared across multiple Churches of Christ churches in Adelaide's south and we hope this continues to be a tools utilized in our churches.

In year 11 or 12 or know someone who is? Interested in Vetamorphus for 2017? This is a fully integrated SACE approved VET course. We'd love to hear from you if you would like to be part of next years group.