Welcome Carl Milne

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21 March, 2017

This week our new Youth Events Coordinator, Carl Milne joins the State Ministry Team.

Following James Bowden's conclusion in the role of State Youth Minister, we announced we will not be continuing the State Youth Minister role as it has been but instead split the role into two - Youth Events Coordinator and Youth Ministry Coach.

Carl will be overseeing events such as State Youth Games, the youth camping ministry and other youth and young adult related events one day a week. Carl also wears another hat as National Youth Ministry Conference (NYMC) Director one day a week and works out of the state office in this capacity as well.

Carl brings over 20 years experience volunteering with Youth Vision in South Australia as a camp leader, Youth Vision executive member, State Youth Games taskforce member and youth group leader among other things. Carl was recently the Chair of the Youth Vision executive and worked for Encounter Youth.

The State Ministry Team is grateful for Carl's enthusiasm to serve Churches of Christ in SA & NT and the depth of experience he brings to the team.