What does the bible have to say about homosexuality?

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18 June, 2016

Tomorrow at the Aldgate Church of Christ, the State Board for Churches of Christ in SA & NT are hosting a conversation starting with a response to the question, 'What does the bible have to say about homosexuality?'

State Minister, Dr. Greg Elsdon will present an analysis and interpretative frameworks to assist the conversation.

The limits of this conversation will be defined by the question presented

The presentation itself will not be addressing questions such as the place of homosexuals in the church or same-sex marriage, even though it is important for the church to engage these conversations respectfully in a mature and informed manner.

The presentation will address presuppositions often brought to this conversation by defining homosexuality, how we read scripture and interpreting key texts in the context of the social and religious environments from which they emerged, and the literary context in which they appear.

The State Board invite people to enter this space respectfully with a posture of listening and desire for dialogue respecting that various approaches to this conversation will be held by those in attendance.

June 19th, 2-4pm at the Aldgate Church of Christ (The Village Well)