8 August, 2017

Conference review report No.4

Churches of Christ in SA & NT


Since the last report on the review things have been happening more slowly, but still happening.

It was reported last time that there are three streams to the review. This is the stage where we are active currently.

Prayer Partners are continuing to be contacted once or twice a month with specific requests. These requests focus on the review, but also include other items as appropriate. There are now 61 people from 13 churches registered as Prayer Partners. It is really great to have so many people committed to regularly pray for our churches, and to be praying together via the prayer requests.

Visits to churches are being arranged. A few meetings have been held and some have been arranged, whilst others are still to be negotiated. These meetings with church members are to talk about their dreams and hopes for the future of Churches of Christ. This information will be very important to the review process. I would encourage you to take part in the meeting at your church. The intention is to visit all churches if possible. Those leading the meetings are members of what has been dubbed the Guiding Coalition.

Malcolm May, of Balaklava, is the convenor of the group looking at the financial sustainability of Conference. This group will be looking at different ways to ensure the funding of what we do together.

Thank you for your past involvement in the review and your continued interest. Please feel free to contact me if you would like further information or you would like to offer a comment.

Doug Walladge