Correcting the gender balance - leadership in Churches of Christ

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28 April, 2018Merryl Blair & Melinda CousinsLeadership Development

for around 80 years Churches of Christ in Australia has been recognising and ordaining women for ministry. Currently in South Australia there appears to be a signicficant under representation of women in senior leadership position in churches and other contexts. Why is this so?

In the attached audio, Mark Riessen (Mission & Ministry Director for Churches of Christ in SA & NT) interviews Rev Dr Melinda Cousins (Old Testament lecturer at Tabor College and Director of Ministry Accreditation for Baptist Churches SA & NT) and Rev Dr Merryl Blair (Old Testament lecturer at Stirling Theological College and member of the ministry endorsement committee for Churches of Christ in Victoria & Tasmania).

Hear their stories, some theological, biblical and ecclesiological reflections on women in ministry followed by a Q&A.

Attached is an article written by Dr Stephen Spence which serves as a helpful background to the conversation.